That photo of Jack Wilshere and how Moore’s law is substituting my expensive camera

So I went to see Arsenal play at the Emirates this weekend and ended up having a photo I took go absolutely crazy on the internet.

Over 5 years of random tiring photography jobs over weekends and evenings to pay my way up from a standard point and shoot camera to my current £2k Canon setup and it was a photo I took from my iPhone 4s that made its way into the papers.

It wasn’t till a friend and fellow gooner, @maxwellcoop who knows a thing or two about PR saw the photo and tweeted it out to some Arsenal bloggers that the real madness began. Within a few hours it was trending under #Wilshere with thousands of tweets and more people using the image on Twitter and Facebook.

Pretty soon the papers came calling and the next thing I knew I woke up this morning with a big print in The Times and features on Daily Mail Online, SkySports FanZone, and BBC 606’s newsletter.

The photo I took of Jack Wilshere reproduced in The Times

Technology is outstripping Moore’s Law and is driving game changing innovation in digital and social spheres. The experience has been a reminder of how much my world has changed since I truly got the digital buzz during my Masters in Design at Brunel. Working on starting with FutureGov put me in the environment with great creative minds using digital and design to address social issues.

In a talk by IDEO’s Tom Hulme he mentions that the first iPhone 3 has more computing power than the entire NASA setup who put the first man on the moon! With more powerful cameras and sensors being built in to smartphones and new ways of hacking things to fit you (hello Sugru) I wonder how long until my SLR is always second choice.

In my opinion photography isn’t always about technicalities and settings, it’s just about capturing a moment with what you have and sharing it. I finally have a case study to prove that sometimes the best camera is the one you have on you.