I’m trying to learn more about film-making but here are a couple of small things I’ve made recently.

Tackling poverty in the UK – Al Mizan Charitable Trust


Al Mizan #Feed500 Ramadhan Box


Pakistan Vigil

On Saturday 12th January at around 1am I went to film protestors holding a midnight vigil outside the Pakistan High Commission. They were protesting against the twin blasts in Quetta and the governments poor response to curb the attacks.


Al Mizan Trust – Winter Parcels for the Homeless


A little message from the FutureGov gang

A little message from the FutureGov gang + outtakes. from Murtz on Vimeo.


Casserole Nesta Pitch

Casserole – NESTA Innovation in Giving Submission from Casserole on Vimeo.

Casserole Lunch Table 

Casserole Lunch Table event – Redhill from Murtz on Vimeo.

Pizza time – Stop motion