My slight obsession with photography started around 4 years ago but in all honesty had been in the making for a while. I’ve always been drawn to images of moments, a photo of Malcolm X mid speech or someone passionately protesting against something they deeply care about. I used to (and still do) spend ages flicking through old family albums trying to imagine what was going on at that moment of time. I’m a big fan of photos that allow you to really think about that moment. It’s something I still do today, flick through the ‘day in pictures’ and try and understand what’s happening in that frame.

As a hobby it’s addictive, not just the sound of the shutter but trying to capture an image that translates what you can physically see or want to emphasise on into a frame is a real challenge. I can’t say I’ve mastered but I think that’s part of the enjoyment. I’ve uploaded some of my photos on the site, from stills to protests I like trying to capture something.


Protesting against Khalifa regime in Bahrain

This poster caught my eye in February 2011, outside the Bahraini Embassy I joined protestors who were showing their disgust at the ruling regimes violent backlash against peaceful pro-democratic protestors. The regime had imported Saudi Arabian forces who played a role in the terrible treatment of protestors as well as the abduction of doctors, nurses and surgeons attempting to treat patients in main city hospitals. Al Jazeera’s remarkable documentary ‘Shouting in the Dark’ sheds great light on the ongoing injustices being committed in Bahrain.

Walking around Oxford Street on a rainy day in the run up to Christmas I noticed this guy making fresh egg noodles. He was totally engrossed in his work blissfully unaware of the manic high street rush going on a few centimetres away from him.

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